Everybody was Facebook Fighting

A little less judging, a little more listening is all it takes. It's time to have more meaningful conversations on Facebook so we can survive this stressful and divisive election.

Lyrics and Lawsuits

When is it safe to use lyrics in your manuscript? The answer might surprise you...

Skinsuit Season

I awake exhausted From a languid night And the long day that threatens Eyes too blurry from the past To focus on today Absentmindedly, I lotion Skin that stretches to accommodate My sins My moods My memories The heat is unbearable But I wear this blanket of shame to keep me in To keep you …

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Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do

For white folks, like myself, who are sitting at home wondering what we can do to truly make a difference… well, ths post lays it out. No excuses. No more empty words. Let’s get to work.

Inside The Kandi Dish

I don’t want to hear “I can’t believe this.”

I want you to read upon the history you’ve had the privilege to ignore.

I don’t want your opinions or thoughts.

I want you to listen to the Black experiences you’ve chosen to forget.

I don’t want your #BLM Instagram story reposts.

I want screenshots of your bail out money donations and patronage of Black labor/art/knowledge.

I don’t want your passive Twitter likes.

I want you to follow Black tragedies as much as you follow Black trends.

I don’t want to vindicate your white guilt. It’s yours to reconcile.

I want you to check your racist parents and call out your apathetic white friends (especially when there are no people of color there) without expecting a pat on the back.

I don’t want your tears. I have plenty of those.

I want you to check in…

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Speak Out

Speak out even when no one is listening When you can't find an audience Or people talk over you It doesn't matter - you have something to say Speak up when you see something wrong Be a voice for the voiceless Defend the weak You're stronger than you think Speak out when you're frightened Of …

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