Goodbye NaPoWriMo, Hello May

National Poetry Writing Month is officially over, and along with a feeling of happiness that I completed the challenge, there is also a bit of sadness. Sure, I can write more poetry. I can write poetry every day if I'd like. I'm sad to see the end of NaPoWriMo because it's back to reality for … Continue reading Goodbye NaPoWriMo, Hello May

Jane’s Poetry Challenge #28

I've been following Jane Dougherty's poetry challenge with the intent to join in, but time always seems to get away from me. Well, guess what? Here I am, ready to participate. Better late than never, I suppose. Her weekly challenge (which you can find here) offers 5 challenge words (winding – moonlight – follow – … Continue reading Jane’s Poetry Challenge #28

When I was Seventeen

Last night, I dreamed about time-travel. In the dream, I'd been transported back to a time where I could have made some very different choices. I had to decide whether to stay in the past where I could change the course of my life, or return to the present where I am living with the … Continue reading When I was Seventeen

NaPoWriMo: Kennings

It's NaPoWriMo Day Twenty! I can't believe I've written twenty poems in the past twenty days. No, really. I can't believe it. Some of my blogging friends write brilliant poetry every day - sometimes several poems per day. I admire their talent and dedication to the written word. Today's challenge from the NaPoWriMo site is to write a … Continue reading NaPoWriMo: Kennings

NaPoWriMo: April Haiku

Nature is always inspiring. From gentle rain showers to crashing thunderstorms, I love the sound of the rain at night. Last night's rain shower inspired a bit of poetry. I hope you enjoy it. April Morning April morning dawn Remains of last night’s rainfall Cling to budding leaves . Rain Song Gentle, steady song Mother nature’s … Continue reading NaPoWriMo: April Haiku