Is Love Enough?

On the verge of making their engagement official, Zach and Claudia must face down their greatest adversaries – his family. Zach and Claudia have always believed their love for each other could overcome any obstacle, but when Zach’s teenage children come for a summer visit, an unforeseen challenge threatens to destroy their love and everything … Continue reading Is Love Enough?

New Release: The Novelist

​No one ever said being married to a writer was easy… Jacque has always struggled to get his business ideas off the ground. From photography to catering to publishing, his poorly-planned endeavors have put a serious strain on his finances—and his marriage. Despite his difficulties turning his passions into a paycheck, Jacque has always considered … Continue reading New Release: The Novelist

The Essential Self-Publishing Guide

This is an exciting week for me! For the past several months, I've been working on putting together a self-publishing guide. My original plan was to compile previous articles I'd written, but the project got away from me and turned into over 170 pages. The Essential Self-Publishing Guide is for writers who are considering self-publishing. … Continue reading The Essential Self-Publishing Guide

Summer Updates

Happy Summer, everyone! I hope you're all staying cool. We're going through another heatwave here in New Hampshire. To be quite honest, I'm ready for autumn. I think I'll have to wait awhile, though. This summer has been an odd combination of busy and lazy. Busy on the days when I can tolerate the heat, … Continue reading Summer Updates

New Release! Sweet Sorrow is now on #Kindle

I'm excited to announce the release of Sweet Sorrow, a novel for young adults. Sweet Sorrow is more than a simple love story between two teens. It also delves into some deeper issues that affect women of all ages. Here's the blurb: Rowan achieves her greatest desire when she earns the part of Juliet in … Continue reading New Release! Sweet Sorrow is now on #Kindle