Live On

Photo by Anthony on Spring brings new growththough it’s hard to find lifebeneath a barren landscapestill dotted with patches of snowand damp clusters of last year’s dead leavesI shiver as an icy March windwhips through skeletal trees They are goneTaken by the harsh winter windsNever to return with the springNever to feel the summer …

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A Time of Deep Mourning

While many people were so happy to see the end of 2020, I'd gladly go back if it meant seeing my parents again. 2020 was not without pain for my family. My mother suffered from cancer. It was a time of worry and stress. But we had hope. At the beginning of 2021, my parents …

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Rainbow Tears

  My heart goes out to the people of Orlando, to those who lost their lives, and to those who are left behind trying to make sense of such a senseless tragedy. This haiku doesn't begin to express my grief.  Our hearts are broken A billion eyes are crying Rainbow tears tonight  

A Sad Anniversary

Today's Throwback Thursday post is running a little late. It's almost midnight here in my neck of the woods. I almost didn't write this post, but it seems wrong to let this day disintegrate without paying tribute to Rudy, our wonderful, faithful, loving companion. Rudy was put to rest two years ago today. I wrote …

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